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The Bowery Boys: New York City History

July 11, 2017
A podcast and blog that explores the unique history of New York City.
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How to use my Computer

Redesigning business applications at Microsoft using PowerApps

Microsoft IT uses PowerApps to develop corporate apps with a consistent look and feel. With PowerApps, our engineers and our business analysts can contribute to app development and they can easily configure and manage apps from a single point.
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Tips for your Mac

A Beginner's Guide To LaunchPad (#1448)

July 21, 2017
View in HD at LaunchPad is an app launcher that resides in the Dock. From LaunchPad you can view all of your installed applications. You can search for an app and use the keyboard to launch it. You can also organize your apps by re-arranging them and placing them into folders to group them. LaunchPad is also an uninstaller, allowing you to remove apps that were installed by the Mac App Store.
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Video Tips

Video Length Affects Audience Engagement

July 20, 2017
In this chart, audience engagement is shown to be inversely proportional to the video’s length. Wistia, an online video platform…
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