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Chrome 101: Tabs & Windows

February 19, 2017
We explore how tabs and Windows work in Chrome.
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How to use my Computer

Microsoft Azure Log Integration (Preview)

The Microsoft Azure Log Integration enables integration of Azure logs into Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. These include Virtual Machine logs, Azure Activity Logs, Azure Security Center Alerts and many of Azure Resource Provider's Logs.
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Tips for your Mac

Understanding Purgeable Space (#1338)

February 17, 2017
View in HD at In Sierra if you look at your hard drive storage you may see an item labeled Purgeable Space. The files here would include downloaded media and documents in iCloud Drive that Sierra knows it can safely remove if space is needed. There is no need to try to manually manage Purgeable space as macOS will clear them and re-download them as needed.
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Video Tips

How to Improve Your Blog Posts with YouTube Videos

January 28, 2017
This is a guest blog from Social Media Examiner   According to Ana Gotter at Social Media Examiner Embedding videos in your…
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