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I Need To Clean Up My Tablet

December 10, 2016
Android tablet too slow? We try to track down the root of the problem and offer tips for cleaning up your Android tablet.
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How to use my Computer

Visual Studio Team Services: DevOps and agile methods in practice

Microsoft IT must respond quickly to meet the business needs of our customers and partners. Using our agile development platform, Visual Studio Team Services, we work toward continuous integration and continuous delivery, and maintain a customer focus.
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Tips for your Mac

Use On an iPad or iPhone (#1288)

December 09, 2016
View in HD at Usually you cannot use on an iPad or iPhone because you are automatically redirected to a screen that asks you to set up iCloud on the device. But by using the Request Desktop Site button, you can access your account on someone else's iPad or iPhone, or access settings on your own iOS device.
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Video Tips

San Francisco Congregation Emanu El

December 09, 2016
San Francisco’s Congregation Emanu El forged Jewish culture in the bay area. This video shows innovative programs that support contemporary-thinking…
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