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Fun For Young Nature Photographers

May 29, 2017
A nifty photography app for the beginning nature shutterbug. Learn how Plum's Photo Hunts gets kids outside and clicking.
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How to use my Computer

SQL Azure Data Sync Agent

This download is for the on-premises Data Sync Agent that works in conjunction with the SQL Azure Data Sync service. It enables on-premises SQL Server data to be synchronized with SQL Azure databases.
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Tips for your Mac

Play Chess On Your Mac (#1409)

May 29, 2017
View in HD at Since OS X 10.2 Apple has included a Chess game by default on your Mac. The current version allows you to play against the computer with varying difficultly levels, play against another person, and even play online. You can change the look of the 3D board, hear moves and even speak to make a move. You can also save and resume games.
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Video Tips

AVC Open House at Co-Munity

May 08, 2017
AVC Video Now in the Co-Munity Celebrate our move to the Co-Munity at our open house May 11, 5-7 pm.…
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