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How Technology is Changing Education

April 27, 2017
Is tech taking over in the classroom? We look at what it can and can't do to improve learning.
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How to use my Computer

Microsoft IT operations evolve with Azure

At Microsoft IT, we’re embracing digital transformation and moving from rigid, process-centered operations to an agile, customer-focused organization that runs in Azure. We’ve gained operational efficiency and can help drive innovation across the company.
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Tips for your Mac

Creating Transparent Images With Keynote (#1387)

April 27, 2017
View in HD at If you need a transparent image, like a circle, arrow or piece of text, you would usually create it in a graphics app. However, there is a way to create transparent images quickly using only Keynote. You can then use these as overlays on other images in Preview or in iMovie.
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Video Tips

Anita Ellen, Speaking Truth to Power

April 18, 2017
Produced by Stuart Sweetow for Oakland’s Kapor Center, this five-minute documentary introduces Anita Hill and Ellen Pao. Separated by time,…
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Top Ranked eBay Alternative Auctions

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